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Dear Rogue Valley SxS members:

Since the first St. Patrick's Day ride, Rogue Valley SxS has served southern Oregon’s UTV enthusiasts by providing an opportunity for like-minded individuals to share their love of the sport and its adventures. Recently, the club’s Founder and previous President, Cody, has relocated to another region of Oregon and officially transferred the club's leadership to its current President, Daryl. We are incredibly thankful for Cody’s dedication and leadership that has created this space for SxS riders who live in or visit southern Oregon to share their enjoyment of the area’s local trails. We acknowledge that club communication has been scarce during this transition. An active board of directors has now been established, and work has been initiated to file documents to ensure that the club follows the appropriate State of Oregon and federal requirements that will allow us to resume hosting club events. Looking into the club’s future, we aim to continue Cody’s vision of promoting safe and fun experiences that build lasting memories and friendships.

This club is here to support its members. In the upcoming weeks, you can expect club communication to increase! Additionally, we look forward to resuming public meetings and launching an updated website to inform you of club activities. The new site will support online club registrations and member-only communications, as well as provide the ability to purchase club products, all in a single location that is easy to use and secure. And, as soon as legal filings are completed, we look forward to resuming official club-sponsored events! 

Thank you for being the most valuable part of Rogue Valley SxS; we look forward to continuing the adventure!

Daryl, President

Board of Directors: Carol, Jason, Cassie, and Scott

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We are a non-profit side-by-side (SxS) club that is open to all experience levels. We love to play in the dirt and sand, and believe in taking actions that protect our right to ride.

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Rogue Valley SxS promotes environmental stewardship and actively works to protect southern Oregon’s many riding areas. The club strives to create a space for SxS riders, who live in or visit southern Oregon, to share their enjoyment of the area’s local trails, while promoting safe and fun experiences that build lasting memories and friendships.

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